WIP. Last update on 15.01.2022.

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This service agreement describes the terms of use on which bassblog.pro (we) offer services to you (user).

By using our website, the User agrees with the following terms and conditions:

- User must follow all copyright and trademark laws that apply to their location
- Report copyright infringement can be submitted on every single mix page. We will review report within 24 hours

We can remove/block the account without informing the User if:

- User runs a free account and doing things wrong
- User continue upload content which not follow Upload Rules
- User uses any way/tool to increase the number of plays

We can change User data without informing the User if:

- Change artwork in order to fit 500x270px format
- User puts a tag which not fit the tags category, the tag can be removed
- User uses all CAPS in the name of the mix
- User uses emoji in the name of the mix or profile name
- User uploads not drum and bass mix we can remove it