How can I make my mix appear on Featured page?

Bass Blog decides which mixes will be featured.

Why artwork of the mix is not square?

Because for the last 7 years Bass Blog was using format of 500x270px.

Why tags of my mix were removed?

There are 6 main categories. For example, your mix can't have #atmospheric and #neurofunk tags at the same time. If you mix contain tracks from so different sub-genres, please use #dnb tag. It's more general.

Why my mix was removed?

Main reason that mix was not drum and bass. Or it was not a mix but track. Please make sure you read “Upload Rules”.

Browser gives me an error back while I’m uploading a mix

Check the length of your mix. Shouldn’t be more than 3 hours long.

Why listener have only 500Mb of upload?

It’s enough to upload few mixes to check how website works.

Will I get my mixes featured with Pro-account?

Having Pro-account don't change your chances to be featured.

Why should I contact Bass Blog if I want to have Pro-account?

The idea is to keep Bass Blog as clean as it was all past years. So it’s important to know more about your uploads.

Why I can't play mixes?

Probably it's because you have adblock plugin enabled